J.P. International

Purchase Order

JP International Co. Ltd (JP Int) provides two option to potential buyers.

From JP-stock Units:

  • All vehicles are available on first come first serve basis.
  • If more than one customer is interested in same vehicle, we will sell to those who will pay first, and for others we will send similar vehicle with same specs.

From Japanese Auctions:

  • On submission of bid to the auction system a security deposit of 50% on vehicle value is required. We adjust the security deposit in final payment upon successful bid, payment is required before of bidding to the auction via Telegraphic Transfer (TT).
  • The JP Int reserves ownership of the products until full payment has been made.
  • All the rest payment transfer should be completed within the deadline mentioned in Performa Invoice. Penalty fees will be charged if the payment transfer was not completed within the deadline.

Discount for Dealers:

JP International Co. Ltd (JP Int) provides great discounts for dealers.

  • Discount is offered on bulk purchase for Dealers or wholesaler. The discount percentage varies according to the number of units purchased; the greater the number of units purchased, the higher the discount given.


  • In the case of vehicle inspection requirement; such as JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) for Tanzania and JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre) for Kenya, Zambia and Uganda, extra charges are quoted along with inspection detail.


  • All payments should be transferred by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) only to given J.P. International Co. Ltd account using by the bank.
  • All decided invoices amount should be paid with Japanese yen only.
  • All the payment transfer should be completed within the deadline.
  • Penalty fees will be charged if the payment transfer was not completed within the deadline.
  • JP Int will not be responsible for any payment made in accounts other than given on our website.

Shipment / BL / Insurance:

  • Full payment is required before shipment. Once we receive full payment, the shipping process will begin which includes the appropriate paperwork, Japanese export, customs administration, shipping arrangements, etc. The client will be promptly notified of shipping details.
  • Import regulations must be checked by the client(s) in advance and report to our company accordingly. Furthermore, the client(s) shall be responsible to pay all the assessed taxes in their respective countries.
  • JP Int are not responsible in case of delay in shipping, for damages incurred during shipping/transport. Such issues should be taken up with shipping/transport company.
  • In cases where the vehicle is left at a port for over one month due to any reason that is CLIENT related, additional daily storage charges apply. Charges amount depends on the port & Shipping Co.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT to ensure that JP Int has the correct details of the Consignee needed to prepare the BL. JP Int will not be held liable for any inconvenience as a result of the CLIENT ‘s failure to provide a correct Consignee detail.
  • Due help would be provided to sort out any problem if it’s under the company’s control. However, no responsibility is undertaken by the company if the issues are beyond of JP Int’s control.
  • JP Int recommends to our clients to cover all the risks by Shipment Insurance (CIF).

Documents Delivery:

  • In cases where EMS is available but the customer requests a private courier (DHL,UPS, FedEx etc.), the JP Int will ask a client to pay it himself.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT to ensure that JP Int has the correct details of the address to which documentation should be sent. JP Int will not be held liable for any delays or losses as a result of the CLIENT‘s failure to provide a correct address for sending documentations. JP Int will also not be liable in the event that these documents are lost, damaged, destroyed or delayed in the transit.

Cancellation of Deal:

  • If you refuse to take the vehicle after bidding, the security deposit will be adjusted to all related charges & penalties for re-auction of the vehicle. Please contact our professional staff in this regard.
  • If any refund balance amount is left from the deducted security deposit, the client should bear the bank charges, exchange rates, etc.
  • JP Int will not accept a cancellation request for a vehicle purchased from JP Stock or from Auction on the CLIENT’s behalf after the time at which this vehicle is booked on a ship for international transportation from Japan.


  • Any dispute between the buyer(s) and the JP Int occur with regards to the service, and/or any contracts concluded through the service, the concerned parties should agree to attempt to settle any such disputes through dialogue in most sincere manner.
  • In case if the dispute(s) failed to be resolved through dialogue between the concerned parties, the Saitama District Court holds original and exclusive jurisdiction over the resolution of the dispute.
  • J.P. International Co., Ltd reserves the right to renew the terms at any time without intimation